Sergio Miranda

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Sergio Miranda is a South American photographer who was born in Patagonia Argentina in 1981.
He studied fine arts in high school, and -at the age of seventeen- he traveled to Buenos Aires to study Photography and Cinematography.
For more than ten years he assisted fashion and advertising photographers. And also became an expert in digital retouch, doing post-production for professional studios from South America.
He has shown his work in contemporary art galleries from Buenos Aires and the interior of Argentina, counting more than 10 exhibitions and participating on several short films as a Director of Photography.
The last three years he worked as a Photo Editor in a Patagonian magazine called NochePolar, supervising the photography of the entire magazine, and also shooting the fashion issue and covers for the magazine, monthly.
One month ago he moved to Bahrain, to work in an advertising agency, and also to explore a new path of the world.