Kaz Strankowski

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Kaz Strankowski born in Auckland, New Zealand 1977.
Kazmierz Strankowski had just completed a degree in Sculpture, Design, and Photography at Auckland University of Technology when he was singled out by judges of the 2005 METRO/Canon Young Photographers Award for his “stylistically cohesive” and “magnificently graphic” photographic series; MONUMENT.

In this study of Auckland’s architectural landmarks Strankowski wanted to express “… the idealism and timelessness inherent in the monuments to modernism sitting quietly in our midst”. The photographs’ deep expanses of sky and cloud evoked a sense of time and transition, while a lack of contextual detail destabilised attempts to locate the architecture in the landscape.

A mood of tranquility and silence pervaded the meticulously composed images but, at the same time, one couldn’t help wondering what lay beneath the perfect surfaces. It was a beautiful Brave New World, Auckland looked like Gattaca, and the show completely sold out.

Strankowski wrote later of the series that “… although I have an affinity for the geometrically simple forms and proportions of modernist architecture, it was important that I placed these forms outside time and location. I wanted the work to be beautiful but I also wanted it to speak of something greater than itself.”