Michael Bosanko

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Light Art (or Light Graffiti) for me had its humble beginnings back in summer 2004 in Greece when by chance, photographing a moonlit landscape went unexpectedly wrong. Unclipping the camera from its tripod, I quickly discovered that by putting the camera into long exposure I could move the camera in my hands and use the moon itself to write out a word. Buzzing with excitement, the next natural stage was to keep the camera on a tripod, and use torchlight to ‘draw’. Ever since then, I have been on a solitary journey of discovery, pushing the limits of my photographic knowledge, my imagination, and always overstepping the boundaries of what is feasibly possible. I find enormous reward in creating a piece of work that only exists in the moment; the only evidence of its existence recorded on camera. The environment; my canvas, is all that’s left behind, exactly as it was before my arrival. Filling an environment with 3 dimensional ‘brush strokes’, vibrancy, energy… turning the ordinary into the extra-ordinary… these are some of the things that drive me; fuels my passion.

My inspiration comes from expected and unexpected avenues. First and foremost is my forever active imagination; if it’s in my head, it needs to be sketched, voice recorded, and then explored. The environment plays a big part in my work, extracting from my love for travel, discovering new landscapes, cities, anything that switches my brain into ‘photograph’ mode (a switch that is never really turned off!). Mother Nature herself plays a part; Earth, Wind, Fire and Water; all have strong effects on my imagination. I also draw inspiration from cinema and TV culture with the likes of Blade Runner, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Lost. Work I appreciate comes from the likes of William Eggleston, Michael Kenna, Peter Howsen and Banksy.

My personal Light Graffiti portfolio shares one thing in common; not one piece has reached photo editing stage unless I am resizing for the web, and using watermarks. There is no layering or overlapping of any kind. I have chosen this path not because I am anti-editing; far from it… I want to keep my light graffiti pure, learn from my mistakes and triumphs.

The tools I use are vast. I predominantly use digital pro Canon gear, and, when the mood takes me, I’ll use film. Camera settings vary according to environment, or what I aim to achieve. Exposures range from seconds to over an hour. The vast majority of my tools are simple household torches that are used or fashioned in various ways, along with standard bulbs, LEDs, fire or anything I can get my hands on, and if I can’t find it, I try and make it.

The work I produce for clients range from TV commercials, film, company profiles, billboards, animation, global campaigns, tabloid and magazine editorials and features, private commissions, viral animations, album covers, work shops and anything that stretches the imagination. The locations I visit range from the likes of busy city streets, deep country, shoreline, caves, waterfalls, abandoned buildings, studios… pretty much everywhere; UK, mainland Europe, the far east and beyond…. The work I create, both personal and commercially encompasses a wide variety of topics like abstract, characterchures, font, wording and sentences, effects, animation… an endless list…

Michael Bosanko