Stephen Sheffield

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Stephen Sheffield, a native of the Boston area, is an alumnus of Cornell University, where he obtained a BFA in painting and photography. He received his MFA in photography from the California College of the Arts, in Oakland/San Francisco, where he was mentored by, and assistant to, Larry Sultan and Jean Finley. He currently resides in Boston, MA, and specializes in photography, mixed media and photo-montage.

He creates large-scale commissions for private collectors, institutions, restaurants and hotels, as well as images and photographic illustrations for magazines and advertising agencies across the US. In addition to being a full-time artist, Stephen runs the black and white photography program at the New England School of Photography in Boston.

Stephen has exhibited nationally for over 20 years, and has a number of large and small-scale commissions in Boston, Cambridge and New York. He has worked out of his studio in Boston’s Fort Point for over 17 years, and is represented locally by Panopticon Gallery.

His photographs depict both everyday and unusual events, all framed by his unique, and occasionally dark, sense of humor. His masterful storytelling, use of traditional film and non traditional techniques including, alternative processes, mural printing, and large-scale photo assemblage combine to give his work a unique and cinematic mood.
The work displayed on this site includes examples of my previous work-for-hire and commissions, as well as pieces that are currently for sale. Please contact me to see additional work, for pricing or to discuss a future project.