Maren Caruso

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Maren Caruso got her start in art school at UCLA where she honed her conceptual skills and learned to pay close attention to details, composition, color and light. She also learned that her love of story could be just as well put to use earning a living by telling the stories of exotic fruits as it was exotic dancers. So she packed her bags and moved home to family and the fresh air and foggy skies of San Francisco to launch a commercial photo career.Maren brings curiosity, an eye for light and beauty and a love of collaboration to conceptual food and product still-life photography. Working out of a 2000 sq. foot daylight studio in Dogpatch, Maren shoots for editorial and advertising clients including Wieden Kennedy, Draftfcb, Creature, Target, Levia€™s, Happy Baby, Kraft, Safeway, Williams-Sonoma, Phaidon, Bon Appetit, Chronicle Books, and Ten Speed Press among others.When not on set, Maren can be found either chasing the sun to a destination up north or looking for her sons in one of their frequent rounds of hide-and-seek.