Ivan Pavlukhin

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“My name is Ivan Pavlukhin and I’m from St. Petersburg, Russia. A year ago I came across an ancient camera FED – February 1958 issue. This served as my introduction to film photography. To be Honest, my first 3 rolls of film, I simply blew!
Film draws me in… the way Light passes through the lens and is developed as an image on a negative is so mesmerizing to me. A moment of the past, stolen and registered till the end of time. Unlike digital photography, it makes me feel like a creator. But of course the camera is not everything, it’s just a tool. A medium that helps get you there.
At some point I realized that photography could be an extension of me… an expression of myself. It is always associated with strong emotions. I realized that you can express your thoughts and feelings through the language of photography. It is kind of an outlet for inner self expression. It is, much like music, is a very powerful tool for that. I actually think that images in combination with photos can yield very interesting and emotionally powerful results. I don’t wanna sound too dramatic, but it is true when I say that each capture tell a personal story about me or portrays an inner state.
The most important ingredient in a photograph for me is its honesty, its essence, the reality beneath the obvious.