Kim Thuedo

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Kim was born in September 1980 in Grindsted – a small Danish town situated on the windy moors of Jutland. As a restless teenager he moved to the U.K, where he graduated from the Editorial Photography course at Brighton University in 2006. Kim has undertaken extensive projects in countries as diverse as China, Greenland and Sierra Leone. His work has been exhibited internationally and published in leading magazines and newspapers, including Adbusters, Vice, Eyemazing, Neue Zurcher Zeitung, Information and LFI (Leica Fotographie International). In March 2012 his debut book “DEAD TRAFFIC” was released by Dienacht Publishing in conjunction with a solo exhibition at the Freelens Gallery in Hamburg. He currently lives in London.

Here’s what Kim had to say about his new book in a recent interview:

“Despite Sierra Leone being renowned for its brutal civil war, I didn’t have a hidden political agenda, a specific humanitarian issue, or even a clear story in mind whilst making the book. I went to Freetown, not as a photojournalist, but as a stranger with a camera and an open heart. What I hope to have created is something the viewer can tune in to emotionally. Something that hits a nerve without being coercive in nature, and without staking a monopoly on a specific kind of truth. A collection of images simply suggesting that the inextricable coexistence of beauty and dread is an ever present theme within this vigorous and inclement city.”