Erny Kahle

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Although based in the Netherlands Erny Kahle feels the world is his working area. He held his first camera when he was 8 and bought his first professional SLR camera in 1967.Since 2003 he started using the digital technique and became again a professional photographer. Till then he has been occupied in the IT and real estate world.

In his younger years as a free lance photographer he focussed at travel/culture and portraits. In 1970-1973 he travelled to the Middle East and did a lot of work in Afghanistan, Iran and Iraq.

Nowadays he is specially interested in the Buddhist way of life and so he has been in the countries where Buddhism is the basic of the culture. Myanmar is his favourite place to be but also countries and regions like Bhutan, Nepal,Cambodia and Ladakh have this sphere where you can work and achieve the most wonderful images.