Heiko Prigge * – Celebrities

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1970: born in Hamburg/Germany. 1989: Abitur. 1989-1991: Civil services in HH. 1991: 4 months roadtrip across the USA where he discovered his love for photography. 1991-1992: University HH to study Biology. 1993: left University for a job as a camera assistant and worked on several shortmovies. 1994: full time assistant to Mads Madsen in HH. 1995: moved to Miami, assistant to Juergen Kern. 1996: freelance assistant to Philipp Rathmer und Antonina Gern. 1997: move to London, freelance assistant to Mark Abrahams, Tommaso Sartori, Julian Marshall, Neil Davenport, Doug Ordway, Michael Birt etc. 1999: first assistant to Terry O’Neill. 2000: first assignments as a photographer