Romain Jacquet-Lagrèze

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Romain Jacquet-Lagr is a French graphic artist with a Masters in multimedia and art from East Paris University. His interest in photography began during his period of working in Los Angeles and Tokyo, and subsequently blossomed into a passion after his arrival in Hong Kong.

Stunned by its architectural “race to the sky”, he felt the need to use his camera to share his feelings about the city. The geometry of the urban environment and the vivid lives it shelters are the aspects of Hong Kong that inspire him most.

About project:
The name Vertical Horizon is an obvious reminder of our competitive Hong Kong skyline where each building is trying to be the tallest, the boldest, the most beautiful, the youngest, the oldest or the most famous.

The city refers to how we grow as a person. Our lives are like buildings; we start at the bottom, we reach for the sky and our foundation is crucial to our success which is why I work from low-angle shots.

This series creates awareness of one’s environment. While wading through the city, lost in our own thoughts, we tend to not pay too much intention to what’s going on above us. Hong Kong is not a 2-D place that follows the flatness of a map but instead a volumetric place, where elevators leading us to restaurants, shops, home or our working place should deserve their own street names…

Vertical Horizon is a reminder on how we are nothing more than a bee in the big beehive, chipping in our bit into the greater realm of society. The angles in which I make the shots emphasize the large scale of the structures around us in contrast to our own little being. Being conscious of our humble condition, to me, is the first step to move to our full potential and reach for our vertical horizon.

Vertical Horizon…