Sidney Kaplan

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Sidney Kaplan born in New York, 1938.At the age of ten, Sidney Kaplan saw a black-and-white print develop in a darkroom. The experience hypnotized him and he began his lifelong career of photographing and printing. He has been and continues to be enthralled with what he calls “the magic” of making a black-and-white print. In 1952, Kaplan began his only formal education in photography at the School of Industrial Arts, a New York City vocational high school. At the same time, he attended meetings at the Village Camera Club, which served as a refuge for members of the recently defunct Photo League. After six years he gained enough skill to be hired by Compo, a well-known custom lab in New York. There he printed exhibition and book prints for several Magnum photographers: Philippe Halsman, Robert and Cornell Capa, and Weegee. At Compo, Kaplan met Ralph Gibson who later introduced him to Robert Frank. Kaplan began printing for Frank that day and still continues that relationship. He has become legendary as a darkroom master who has printed for Robert Frank among others. For years, his commercial darkroom, located on the fifth floor of a building at East 23 Street, on Madison Square Park, was a well-known hangout for photographers.