Julian Pitzer Graham

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Julian Pitzer Graham(March 13, 1886-October 14, 1963) nicknamed “Spike”, was an American photographer best known for his black and white photographs of the Monterey Pennisula, especially the Pebble Beach Properties.
Graham, through his photography, chronicled the entire Monterey Penninsula for 39 years, capturing the natural beauty of the area and thousands of visitors; the famous movie stars, royalty, politicans and celebrities and well as the ordinary citizens. He specialized in photographing the Bing Crosby Clambake from 1947-1963,the creation of Cypress Point Golf Club, Monterey Peninsula Country Club and Pasatiempo (socialite sportswoman,Marion Hollins’ course), the Concours d’Elegance, Road Races, dog shows, sailing regattas, polo matches with their gallery, horse racing and steeplechase, tennis matches, archery, and diving. One of Graham’s most famous subjects was the world renowned golf architect, Dr. Alister MacKenzie (of which there are 59 photos). Graham photographed every man and woman golf professional of importance that played in the area.
On the Monterey Peninsula, there is likely no photograpgher that has captured more images on film than Julian P. Graham, who is credited with 40,000+ known images (13,200 images are stored at the Bancroft Library at Berkeley). Graham’s hallmark was for his scenic vantage points from which he candidly captured the thrill of the moment in action shots while using the stunning Monterey Peninsula scenery as a backdrop. Graham preferred larger format cameras, but experimented with smalled and lighter cameras as they evolved. His early images were shot on 8×10 glass negatives; most of his images are 4×5 nitrate and the last images are 35 mm slides.
Graham owned and operated the “Pebble Beach Camera Shop & Julian P. Graham Studio” that was located across the from the main entrance to The Lodge at Pebble Beach. In “Game and Gossip” magazine, January 24, 1963, on the back cover described his shop as “film, camera, accessories of all types. Rentals. Prompt developing. Studio and laboratory for protraits, commerical and color photography”.