Xavier Miserachs

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Xavier Miserachs was born in Barcelona on July 12, 1937, in the middle of Spanish Civil War. He was the son of a hematologist and a librarian, Manuel Miserachs and Montserrat Ribalta. He came in contact with the world of photography at the Technical Institute of Santa Eulalia, in Barcelona, where he met Ramon Fabregat and his brother Antonio. He studied four courses of a career in medicine, but left shortly before the end to embark on a career as a professional photographer.
In 1952 he became a member of the Photographic Association of Catalonia (Agrupacio Fotografica de Catalunya), where he met Oriol Maspons, with whom established a good friendship. He first exhibited at the headquarters of the Photographic Association of Catalonia in 1957, along with Ricard Terre and Ramon Masats. In 1959 they presented together again in the Sala Aixela of Barcelona. He began his professional career in 1959, when Xavier Busquets commissioned him to guide Picasso in his drawings of the facade of the College of Architects of Catalonia.
In 1961, after returning from military service, Miserachs wanted independence, and set up his first studio in the Casa David at Carrer Tuset, a street of Barcelona. Alternating began work on request and works of author, who later compiled books such as Barcelona Blanc i Negre, with 400 photographs recounting the war in Barcelona, or Costa Brava Show.
During the 1960s he also served as a news reporter in Spanish magazines. In 1968 he signed an exclusive contract with the Revista Triunfo. He also published several articles in media like La Vanguardia, Gaceta Ilustrada, Interviu, Bazaar or Magazin, among others. He was thus able to witness historic events as the May 68, Swinging London or the Prague Spring. Miserachs also worked doing reports and also engaged mainly in editorial photography.
In January 1967 he co-founded the Escola Eina, where he was one of the first professors of photography. He occasionally collaborated with disco music selection at Boccaccio’s, then meeting place par excellence of the gauche divine. In 1997 he published his memoir, contact sheets, which won a Gaziel prize.
Miserachs Xavier died on August 14, 1998 with 61 years in the Hospital Germans Trias i Pujol in Badalona due to lung cancer.