Travis Summer Deuel

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Travis Summer Deuel is a 28-year-old photographer from California whose work is entirely representative of his middle name. According to his photos, the sun perpetually shines and carefree 20-somethings do nothing but hike, skinny-dip and visit Burning Man. It’s a perception we can wholly get behind.
“My birthday falls on July 3rd and my first dog was a golden retriever named Summer, so I’d have to say I am quite partial towards it,” Travis told us when we asked what role the warm weather plays in his direction. “I’m not sure if it’s because of my middle name or just because I find myself much more carefree in the summer due to nostalgic reasons or what have you. Either way, I love shooting when it’s warm and people are comfortable and having fun. So I think it just naturally lends itself to my lifestyle and where I live and when I have free time what I choose to fill it with.”
Before the weather turned crisp, Travis spent that free time exploring as much of the west coast as he could.
“Some friends and I recently purchased 30 acres in a small town outside of Yosemite in the Sierra foothills, so we went on quite a few trips up there to do some exploring and recreating. We found amazing waterfalls to slide down, huge lakes to sail/swim in, awesome bridges to jump off, and many many other natural treasures. Some of my favorite memories from this summer are of late night surfing sessions when not a lot of people are out and the sun is tipping below the horizon and I’m out sitting in the pacific ocean waiting watching the birds dive into the water and the dolphins arch out of it. At that point I don’t even care about the waves, I just like being out there.”