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I was born in 1971 in Pembury, Kent. I moved to Somerset in 1987 with my family after leaving school. I have had an interest in nature ever since i was a young boy being brought up on my grandads fruit farm in Paddock Wood, Kent. I still remember how my love of birds in particular developed…. i was bought a pair of binoculars by my mum and my grandad took me out to one of his pear orchards and lifted me onto his shoulders and pointed out a goldfinches nest. When i caught sight of the adult birds for the first time through binoculars i was amazed…..and hooked!! Suddenly i had a tool that could bring birds closer to me in all their beauty, colours and details! I quickly equipped myself with bird books and sought to see as many of the birds on the pages as i could on my grandads farm. As i grew older i started birdwatching further afield…i felt naked without my trusty binoculars! My bird ‘lifelist’ started to grow and i was always making lists!! I owned so many bird books, if there was a new one on the market then i’d ask for it for Christmas or my Birthday! If i didn’t receive what i wanted then i saved my pocket money until i could afford it myself! When i moved to Somerset i thought all my Christmas’s had come at once! I was living in a bird haven! On our little farm in Westonzoyland we had a small population of Corn Buntings! I had never seen them before or heard their delightful jangling song! Sadly they have since disappeared from Somerset, but the County is still rich in birdlife, especially in and around the Internationally important wetlands of the Somerset Levels where i live.

I bought my DSLR camera in 2006, a Nikon D50 with 70-300mm lens, and suddenly a new world opened up to me! Capturing the nature around me in photographs became my new hobby, and afforded me so much satisfaction and joy! Of course, there have also been times of great frustration, all part of the nature of this kind of photography! I wouldn’t have it any other way! I am a complete amateur with a camera, but i think i have a pretty good eye for a shot and have taken some shots i’m very proud of, some of which i share on this website!

I have a wonderful partner, Nick, that i have known for 28 years and been in a relationship with for 15 years. We have 3 beautiful daughters, Emily 10, Erin 5 and Skye, 15 months. We all enjoy walking in Somersets glorious countryside and just enjoying the peace and nature all around us, we realise how lucky we are to live in the middle of one of Britains most treasured natural places!

I now have a Facebook page of my nature photography;

Carl Bovis