Sara K Byrne

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Sara K Byrne – Portland-based photographer.
Seven years ago, we began by capturing our own original moments – our beginning – through the plastic lenses of disposable cameras. We were obsessed with documenting our lives, our silly moments, through photography.
After several photo-worthy experiences, countless boxes of dusty prints, and a few upgrades from our disposable cameras, we found ourselves doing the same for others. Through the realization of the impact that our photos had on us – we grew and learned together.
And here we are. Absorbing your special moments and delivering them to you in photo form. Images with intentions not only to be glanced at, but to deliver an awakening of all senses. In looking at the photo, we want you to inhale, feel and hear – draw you back to that one single moment.
So, take a look at our photos and let us get to know you – we’ll have a cup of joe and chat about how we can help you relive your special day for a lifetime.