Klaus Leidorf

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Bavarian photographer Klaus Leydorf was born in Bonn in 1956. Since 1976 began to study the history of religions, including Protestant and teoologiyu rannyu history. In 1983 he began working at the University of Marburg researcher. In 1985 he received the same position at the Bavarian State Service of historical monuments. From 1989 he was engaged in aerial shooting (aerosemkoy), mainly in Bavaria, is doing to this day.

In sum, Klaus is not the first dozen years of experience in photography. It is only by aerial survey began to get involved with the purchase of U.S. light aircraft «Cessna 172 Skyhawk», which is available for more than 50 years. Its maximum altitude – more than 4 miles away, so the opportunities Claus in terms of diverse images are almost endless (except space, of course).

Klaus says his occupation: “When I fly, just look at all the above, and do not bother me any more stuff.”

In aresanale Photographer two cameras – Canon EOS 1Ds Mark III and Canon EOS 5D Mark II, plus a variety of lenses – from wide-angle to telephoto.

Klaus Leydorf produces a huge number of shots per year. I mastered only a small percentage, but you can try to see all in his personal blog, or in his account at 500px.com. I am happy to have spent his time watching his view of our ordinary world. Enjoy the photos of contemplation Claus Leydorfa.