Jean-Baptiste Huynh

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born in Chateauroux in 1966, of a French mother and a Vietnamese father, Jean-Baptiste Huynh has developed a taste for photography as a teenager. Self-taught and determined, he learned the techniques of photographic development and printing and focused especially on light and lighting. From this solitary training will be born a photographic writing without artifice, based on balance and clearness.

Whether it’s a portrait or a still life, the creative process for each shooting is based on essence: an often single subject, a single source of light, a neutral bottom in background. The richness of his prints’ shades gives each photograph his modelling and sensuality. His photographic work takes shape in his exhibitions, their scenographies and his books, considered to be an integral part of its projects and as a completed expression of his vision. He is the author of nine books dedicated to the portrait.

Jean-Baptiste Huynh has exposed in various galleries and museums worldwide, including the Beyeler Gallery (Switzerland), Camera Work Photo Gallery (Berlin), the National Foundation for Photography (Italy), the Moscow House of Photography (Russia), the Osaka University of Art (Japan), and the European House of Photography (Paris). The National School of Fine Arts in Paris devoted him a retrospective in 2006, in which he presented his major project focused on studying the face through the ages and the great cultural groups.