Matej Peljhan

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I am an amateur photographer, intensively dealing with photography since 2009. By profession I am a psychologist and because of that I am also most interested in conceptual photography. My favorite are the motives of the urban environment, where I try to catch, on the one hand, simple everyday motives, and on the other hand, the original and contrasting motives that tell stories or stimulate thinking through the elementary, generally readable symbols. On the international photography salons I have received quite a few awards, but I am particularly proud of a book entitled Za-govor podob, philosophy of photographic gaze, which I have published in collaboration with photographer Jure Kravanja and philosopher Dusan Rutar in 2011 (in Slovenian). I strive to bring photography as close as possible to the people with special needs, so I run workshops and training on this topic.

12-Year-old Boy Freed From His Wheelchair by The Power of Photography…

Twelve-year-old Luka suffers from muscular dystrophy – a cruel degenerative disease which confines him to a wheelchair and will make him weaker and weaker over time.
But with these beautiful pictures, entitled ‘The Little Prince’, friend and photographer Matej Peljhan has allowed him to explore an imaginary world where he can shoot a basketball, climb stairs and even perform a handstand.
Amazingly, the images did not require any digital trickery, Matej simply used coloured sheets and carefully placed objects and took the pictures from above.

Matej Peljhan