Anna Hurtig

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Anna Hurtig – “The thing that appeals to me the most about photography is that it gives me a possibility to depict the world exactly as it looks and a way to create an imaginary one. A place where I have the total control of both the scene and the execution.”


2009 – 2011

Night is in the astronomical sense, the period when the sun is below the horizontd, depending on where you are.

The night is both frightening and fascinating. Frightening because potential hazards from the environment is more difficult to avoid since they are harder to discern. Fascinating because it is both the beginning of something new, hopefull and at the same time, the end.

In the series Nightvisions, I have used the negative space as a reinforcement to process different objects, events and places that somehow scares me. By allowing children to play/act in various scenes the experience of the diffrent situations is not perceived as daunting and the process automatically therefore becomes self healing.