Caren Firouz

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Caren Firouz was born in Shiraz, Iran in 1962. Before the Iranian revolution he went to the West to continue his studies. A severe motorcycle accident derailed his plans to study veterinary medicine, so he began making pictures of his former rugby teammates and became interested in photojournalism.

Upon graduation from Oklahoma State University with a BS in journalism in 1987 he went to work for a small weekly newspaper group in northern Virginia. After one year he began to pursue a career as a freelance photojournalist, doing work in the Washington DC area before going to the Maine Photographic Workshop to attend a three month workshop called the Master of Photojournalism.
Caren worked with successful photojournalists, editors for major publications and owners of major agencies while in Maine. This is where Caren met Howard Chapnick and arranged with Howard to be represented by Black Star while based in Iran.

Women of Ninja…

In Iran, formed combat subdivision”ninja”, staffed by persons of the female sex. The structure consists of 3,500 units of women who possess all kinds of weapons, and the ancient art of “ninja.”