Antonino Savojardo

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Antonino Savojardo was born in Palermo in the 1978, then moved to Milan to study Design.
In 2006 his passion for Photography led him to work for the studio of the well known architectural photographer Paolo Utimpergher where learned shooting technique with artificial light and technique of photography of the architecture and volumes. In the mean time in 2007 he started in parallel his career of photoreporter.
In 2008 attended a training course of photojournalism at the Instituto Italiano di Fotografia of Milan held by the famous photographer Hannes Schick. He has made various reportages from these countries: Lebanon, Armenia, Nagorno Karabahk, Morocco, Japan, Argentina, Denmark, Canada, Jordan,Tunisia, Hong Kong, Sweden, Chile, Panama, Estonia, France, Belgium, South Korea, and various other countries including Italy. He is specialized on social reportage, lifestyle, architecture, travel, portraits of personalities of culture and international politics. He has been working and publishing works with the following magazines: IL- Intelligence in Lifestyle – ilSole24Ore group, D – la Repubblicadelle Donne, L’Espresso, L’Internazionale, Marie Claire Italy, Rolling Stone Italy, Interni Magazine, Io Donna, Marie Claire Netherlands, Marie Claire Turkey, Marie Claire Romania, Vita, Club Milano, Myself, E – Il Mensile. At the present time he lives and works between Milano and Palermo.

Italy – The white gold of Sicily…

In the heart of the largest Mediterranean island, the Sicily, volcanic land, rich in minerals, there are some of the biggest salt mines in Europe. Between miles of tunnels and huge excavators, in a mysterious world that swings between the darkness and the white of the salt. Every day thousands of tons of salt from the quarries of Realmonte, Petralia and Racalmuto leave the port of Porto Empedocle direct to North Italy and northern Europe, where are used for food, chemical industry and for road safety during the the winter.