Mindaugas Gabrenas*

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Mindaugas Gabrenas, born in 1977, Lithuania, is an amateur photographer currently based in New York.His initial encounter with photography was in late 1990, when his parents gave him a first film camera Zenit. But those days this soviet masterpiece was not so appealing and more resembled a vacuum cleaner rather than a photo camera.Photography was really discovered in 2008, when Mindaugas Gabrenas lived in Spain. It was then when his first digital camera was acquired and great interest in digital photography was raised.After the first personal photo exhibition ‚Fantasma‘ in 2010, Mindaugas Gabrenas has became increasingly interested in film photography. Currently he focuses on 6×6 black&white photography and works with Hasselblad 501 CM, Kiev 88, Kodak Duaflex II, Holga and homemade cameras. Landscapes, waterscapes, cityscapes, even melancholic dreamscapes – are the main fields of interest.

„My photographs are my way to show and express some of my feelings and my personal perception of what surrounds us. Having my mind, eyes and camera I am going downward the maze of visions and do not care if entering the room, where someone has just been or from which I just gone. But there’s no denying – someday I’d love to get into the room where no one has gone before.”