Bob Carey

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Bob Carey 51-year-old photographer from Brooklyn.New York.
His specialty in conceptual and environmental portraiture.
Project “Ballerina” is about more than a man wearing a pink tutu. This incredible book of images by Bob Carey from The Tutu Project is here just in time for the holidays. It’s the perfect coffee table book for anyone who’s been touched by breast cancer or simply enjoys being transported through the lens of a professional photographer. The 9 “x 12″ artist quality book features 61 images and the often humorous stories behind them. You’ll see Carey at famous landmarks and in obscure settings-all united by a singular theme: a man in his pink tutu bearing all in support of his wife, Linda, and those who have been afflicted by breast cancer. Net proceeds from sales of Ballerina go to The Carey Foundation, which was established by the couple to help people cope with financial burdens that often accompany the disease.

So there I was flying through the air, performing what I knew would be my best backside aerial ever. At the last moment, just before the perfect landing, my hand slipped off my skateboard. The next thing I remembered I was pulling myself off of the cement staring at the odd angle of my shoulder. When my old man picked me up from the hospital he strongly suggested I find a different avenue for my energies and we stopped off at the local camera shop. As they say, the rest is history.