Paul Garcia

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i am thirty five. i studied and graduated as biochemist, then journalist, before deciding to be an artist, albeit through no other choice; born with that natural gift for contradiction and a dream of finding the other end of the circle. this best explains my approach; a simple and practical view of the world. always that desire to simplify, to outline – so the child in me still believes in the magic, but i grew to prefer it defined.

all photographs are taken within walking distance of my home – a small farm on the edge of liverpool, england. most days i pick up my camera and walk my own paths to explore the various abandoned industrial sites and general dereliction – what overlaps between a dying city, the creeping suburbs and ever fewer, smaller fields. my aim is to recover the beauty of what others leave behind. so when the kids steal a chainsaw and chop down the woodland, i’ll wait a year to photograph the wild flowers in the meadow. when the joy-riders crash through the wall, i’ll find the spark that became the burning wreck. and where the drag marks through the grass lead to a shallow grave, i record the pattern, rather than dig it up. i have no intention of seeing through their eyes. whether this is denial, or enlightenment is unclear – for my sake or theirs – but it fills my days, and helps me sleep at night.