Michaela Sibi

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Michaela Sibi was born on the 15th February 1963 in Vienna, Austria. Her birth name was Michaela Strauss. From 1972 to 1980 she visited the High School at Babenberger Ring in Wiener Neustadt. Then 1980 until 1986 she studied philosophy and German language at the University of Vienna. During this time Michaela also worked as secretary for different companies. 1988 she started to work as financial accountant, specially for the OERAG AG, which was the most important immobile company during the 90 ties in Austria. Back in 1988 Michaela married Dr. Siegfried Horina, who died 1999. He was a specialist for radio drama and worked at the University of Vienna. In 1998 Michaela retired and became very interested in art and photography, so that she started with photography. Since 2005 she is married again with Mr. Dumbo Sibi and is living in Vienna, Austria.