Stephan Fürnrohr

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Stephan Fürnrohr was born and raised in Regensburg (Bavaria)
Living in Kallmunz, a romantic little village in Bavaria with some reputation as an artists’ village
Education: I’m autodidact in every aspect of my work, maybe in my whole life.
Profession: self-employed workaholic
First Camera: NoName Pocket
First SLR: Porst TL M42
Current gear: Nikon, Gitzo, LowePro
Favourite quote about photography: “Fotografie ist Fantasie gewordene Realitat” (Robert Edtmaier) which means something like “Photography is reality which has turned to fantasy”
I take pictures since my early youth, it is my artistic passion, my form of expression. I find my subjects on trips, in nature and in abstract architectural views.
I’m the chairman of one of the oldest photo clubs in Germany, the Photographic Society of Regensburg e.V. (est. 1894) and I’m a proud (full) member of the GDT (Society of German Nature Photographers) since 2011.