Yovcho Gorchev

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Yovcho likes characters, spaces, systems and atmospheres navigated
through surreal scenarios and unlikely narratives, with the intention
being to intensify, fantasize, speculate and aestheticize the
idiosyncratic as well as dreamlike qualities of our everyday lives.

His website “Cloudkukuland”, refers to an unrealistically idealistic state, the
place which blends the dreamlike with the prosaic, the hilarious with
the grim. Its inhabitants are usually naïve, detached from reality or
deranged in holding an optimistic belief. the reference comes from
“The Birds”, a play by Aristophanes, in which a perfect city is erected
in the clouds, to be named cloud cuckoo land.

The website presents just a few of his projects and alongside with
the photo blog is his visual attempt to get closer to, experience and
build upon the ideas of a cloud cuckoo land…….


Yovcho Gorchev