Reinhard Schmid

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Райнхард Шмид родился в Weiden, Германия, в 1960 году. Долгое время был штурманом на подводной лодке, прежде чем он начал рисовать на стекле. Его отец Рудольф Шмид научил его классической стеклянной техники живописи. За последние 20 лет Reinhard Schmid изысканно пользуется карандашом и акварелью на обратной стороне стекла, в сочетании с методами старых мастеров и его собственным особенным стилем. Работы художника находятся в частных коллекциях в Европе, США и Японии.

REINHARD SCHMID was born in Weiden, Germany, in 1960, and has always been fascinated by artists like Hieronymus Bosch and Max Ernst. Schmid also has an interest in machines and engineering, and for several years he even worked as a navigator on a submarine before he started painting on glass. His father Rudolf Schmid, also an artist, taught him the classical glass painting techniques as well as the new ones he had invented himself. Over the last 20 years Reinhard Schmid refined the use of pencil and watercolour on the reverse side of glass, and by combining it with the techniques of the old masters he developed his own distinct styleIn the early 1990s Schmid worked with Jaro Art Galleries on Madison Avenue, New York, which also exhibited his work at the New York Art Expo. Since 1993 he is curator of the so-called “Gewölbe der Geheimnisse” (“Vaults of Secrets”) in his home town Viechtach, Germany, where he works on a large scale version of tarot cards on glass (size: 5 x 14 m!) Reinhard Schmid’s work is a sensual combination of fantastic and surrealistic images and a unique personal technique. His paintings are whimsical, and often have a witty or erotic touch. In his paintings seemingly aloof actresses effortlessly merge with technologies from another world or time into dreamlike scenarios.Reinhard Schmid’s works can be found in both private collections and galleries in Europe, the United States and Japan, and since 1990 he also operates his own gallery. In recent years he was accepted by several groups of first-rate painters, and he participated in numerous projects throughout Europe. In 2007 he started the so-called ”Venusmaschine” project, in which he transforms his more than 300years old house into a large, three-dimensional piece of art.