Kevin Winterhoff

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Kevin Winterhoff,born 26.11.1987

Kevin Winterhoff,young wildlife and birds photographer based in Hagen, Germany.

It was my father who brought me to photography. In the age of 13 years I bought me a used Nikon F50. It was my pride and joy. Through the help of many other nature photographers I started to improve my photography. At the age of 18 years, I went with the Nikon D200 into digital photography. Growing knowledge of nature, and frequent use of the technique led to a strong improvement in my photography. For me nature photography, is about the experience you make outside. Through my photography i try to capture the moments I experience and make them viewable for others.Es war mein Vater, der mich zur Fotografie brachte. Im Alter von 13 Jahren kaufte ich mir eine gebrauchte Nikon F50. Sie war mein ganzer Stolz.