Stephane Pagani

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Stephane Pagani

I am a passionate amateur photographer. I don’t photography for money but by passion. What I do for money is graphic design. Well I might be a professional graphic designer nonetheless I do it by passion either. Actually all I do I do it by passion with my heart and my soul. I am not interested by doing things I don’t like. Life is too short.

I also run and travel with my bicycle by passion. I run a lot and far (I compete in ultramarathon races) and cycle in remote and wild places. The more physical effort I do the better I feel and the more I am inspired.
If I don’t do photography for money it is because I want to feel free to shoot whatever I want wherever I want whether it fits to one’s tastes or not. That is why you might whether hate or love photographies you see in this website. Especially in the street photography section.

I love street photography because it gives me adrenaline rush. It can give me deep satisfaction but also indescriptible deception. It depends on the inspiration. It is like painting. Street photography allows me to meet people. In a good or a bad way. It allows me to shoot people’s reactions. Sometimes funny, sometimes shocking.

I am not motivated by any political message. I have no revendication. What motivates me in photography is finding good aesthetic, story, framing and composition.

My major concern in photography is to improve my skills, both technical and artistical. Therefore I invite you, photographers or not, professionals or not, to post comments or critiques on photographies you like or not. You can achieve this by registering (for free) and login in.