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I’m Passionate about Black and White Photography

I make quiet photographs, inspired by the sublime, silent beauty of the natural world.

As an artist, I celebrate the simple things . . . rain, barren tree branches, drifting snow flakes, the sound of breezes in treetops, reflections in a sun-dappled brook, fog in the early morning, natural patterns and textures. Shooting only in black and white, I seek to infuse my photographs with texture, contrast, atmosphere, mood, and emotion. Although I rarely photograph people, I hope that a sense of humanity is never far removed from my landscapes or city scenes.

My photographs have been exhibited in Los Angeles, Austin, Minneapolis, Toronto, Madison (WI), and Knoxville (TN). They have also made appearances in several TV shows and commercials, and have been reproduced on calendars, note cards, canvas wraps, and other arts-based retail products.

Originally from Texas, I’ve traveled across the US and to many spots around the globe, from Europe to India, and even above the Arctic Circle in Greenland. I currently reside in the Nashville area, where I enjoy beauty in all four seasons.

Visit my blog or Facebook page to learn more about me or to say hello. I love hearing from people.