Sumner Dilworth

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Sumner Dilworth began his professional career in 2003, after being drawn to the field through his love of music, sports and people. He quickly developed a knack for capturing people and tone, demonstrating a startling ability to take portraits of the famous and everyday people.

A self-taught photographer, Sumner received his first break working for Vibe magazine under Photo Director, George Pitts. His notable clients include Atlantic Records, Virgin Records, AOL, Harris Publication, Pantene, Lauren Hutton. His work appears in magazines such as: Filter, Entertainment Weekly, Black Enterprise, Ebony, Rides, Mass Appeal, The AVE, Uptown, Scratch and Revolver.

Sumner has remarkable attention to detail and is able to observe people and capture them as they are. Laid back on site, he connects with those he photographs and portrays their unique style eloquently on file.
He has photographed a range of different celebrities, from Spike Lee, Jamie Foxx, Lauren Hutton, Al Sharpton, Kenny Chesney and Montgomery Gentry. His work was highlighted as part of an exhibit on emerging photographers in the Time Life Building.

While supporting himself as a professional photographer, Sumner travels to other locations to document lives less celebrated. He recently completed a series on Black Cowboys in New York and has photographed African Americans displaced by gentrification in Washington DC.