Pawel Fabjanski*

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On a daily basis Pawel Fabjanski is an acknowledged advertising photographer, represented by ?3 photo agencies: SHOOTME (Poland), TANK (Germany) and TAKE (Italy). All the hereby presented projects of his are mostly personal cycles, as well as projects that have been undertaken simultaneously to other commercial works.

Fabjanski’s style can be best summarized as a fusion of an advertising, fashion and artistic photography. While being inspired by cinema, literature and so-called ‘urban style’ (a style that he defines as a mixture of street art, comic and pop-culture) he creates pieces of art where both – aesthetics and concept – are equally valued features. Full of tension and mystery snapshots, focused on a human being and his relations with the environment, are forming cycles on specific topics or have a very precise leading theme.

Nowadays, Pawel Fabjanski runs a work-room of a professional commercial photography at National Film School in Lodz. His classes are a place where the idea of a commercial photography can be re-defined. Together with all his students Pawel Fabjanski creates a lab class of a new commercial photography, where all the newest trends are left at the same level as knowledge on photography’s roots and origins.