Caulton Morris

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Amazing showcase of Caulton Morris performing upside-down position infront of self-timer camera. He is having a fun, that what every creative person needs before taking serious projects
It seems that UK-based photographer Caulton Morris likes the world a lot better when it’s upside down. His series “Upside” features the artist himself balancing on his head in the most unexpected places – bath, toilet, even between two eating pigs. The best part is that there is no Photoshop used – all pictures have been done using a self-timer tool. Morris gives himself ten seconds to try and balance on his head, so all of the surreal moments are totally real.
The artist takes viewers on a journey through his personal life, exploring the renovation of his sister and brother-in-law’s new place, the sofa of a friend in Antwerp, and the friendship that he made during his trip to India.