Andrea Simoncini Gibson*

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Born in Rome and raised between England and Italy he graduated from Kingston upon Thames Polytechnic (London) in Furniture and Product design.His initial work experiences where for design studios in London and Milan. The experience matured in the design field proved useful for the development of his artistic research wich started first with the production of his own lines of bronze and silver cast jewellery,wich he sold in Italy, London, New York and Tokyo and then led to the creation of graphic ikon artworks and digital mandalas. The work on the female form starts with the first sculptures of Venuses and Primitive Earth Mothers in 1999 and is subsequently developed through his drawings and more recentely through his digitally postproduced photographs. He has taught at the Università del Progetto (Reggio Emilia) and the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera (Milan).He currently lives and works in Milan.