Ritty Tacsum*

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Ritianne Muscat (b.1990 in Malta) known as Ritty Tacsum is a largely self-taught experimental photographer and multimedia artist who has a keen and sensitive eye for the abnormal, absurd, weird and surreal.Having started a course at MCAST, she quickly felt the confines of the educational system stifling her creativity and sought to explore and expand her horizons solo. In the 2 years she has been working as a freelance photographer, specialising in artistic and experimental work, she has had her work published in several local and foreign magazines (online and in print) and also in a Dutch publication. Last year marked an important milestone in her career, when she was asked to give a debut show at St James Cavalier Centre for Creativity featuring a collection of 18 portraits. Titled Ritty Tacsum and her Humanoids, the exhibition featured more than mere photographs, going a step beyond the norm, and integrating props, costumes and memorabilia in the show, giving it a very distinct and personal touch.

She is currently working on 5 exhibitions, a number of commissions and also, collaborating with foreign product designers for the launch of a new product on the market.