George Grie *

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George Grie was born in May 1962. He graduated from the state university in 1985 with a BA (Honours) Degree in Fine Arts and Applied Design education. From the very onset of his professional career it had become very obvious that the traditionally accepted and politically bound routes of the Soviet Union art styles adopted by many of his peers would never be the path to follow. Instead, he chose to explore a more complicated and demanding adventure of innovative neo surrealistic painting wherein clear, concise yardsticks of competence, draughtsmanship and mastery can be tangibly measured and artistically appreciated.
As a result, his endeavours within this relatively short fine-art painting and applied arts career period (1985-1995) have brought considerable success with his neo-surrealist shows in several European capitals such as London, Stockholm, St-Petersburg, and Helsinki. Grie’s paintings exhibit strong and powerful images that draw their energy from a visual impact. They are about capturing visual paradoxes; sometimes they would depict calm and contemplative moments, solitude, and melancholy. The stillness in his themes is an encouragement for introspection and self-observation. George Grie uses a photo realistic distinction technique which gives a stark contrast between the light source and the often-dark tonality found in his early paintings.
George Grie makes a life-altering decision to transform his artistic career dramatically when he settles in Toronto, Canada and studies the latest computer digital art techniques. He becomes a professional Multimedia Graphic Designer and joins the IBM Corporation as a lead new media specialist. His prime interest now is in contemporary 3D modeling software and their applications. A phase of a complete freedom of self-expression comes to play: the possibility of utilizing and combining his previous fine-art experience and classical painting education with the new digital projects becomes both realistic and fulfilling. His latest digital neo-surrealistic artworks employ a vast array of extraordinarily photo-realistic visual records of his conceptual thoughts, philosophic views, fantasies, and dreams.