Stephen Cairns

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“ For me, photography is a hobby that I try to fit around (or into) family life. I shoot in the early morning or late at night as those times are the only ones available to me. It works out well though as I prefer how things look in low light or at night. I haven’t found a way to shoot in strong daylight that suits me yet. I like to shoot in poor weather as I think that makes creating mood easy.
I had about 5 years of film, mostly black and white, hobby shooting before coming to digital in the fall of 2010. That has been a steep learning curve and I still feel I don’t have a firm grasp on what I’m doing – particularly with post processing. That’s fine though as I know that learning the craft of photography takes time but that process can be enjoyable (and sometimes frustrating).
Any improvement in my photography I owe to the guidance or example of a few good flickr contacts. If you can make meaningful contact with a few people it can really make photography a lot more enjoyable. “ ~ Stephen Cairns