Interview with curator. Ulrich Haas

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Born 1955 in Germany near Cologne Since 1993 living and working in Tampere/Finland EDUCATION Workshops, seminars and conferences on contemporary photography, media arts and on curatorship. 1982–1985 Pedagogic and Didactic in Adult Education; University of Bremen/Germany, Certification as University Lecturer 1975–1981 History of Civilisation, Philosophy, Anthropology; University. of Marburg/Germany; Master of Arts degree PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE and PROJECTS in Finland 1993 – 2009 – Portfolio Reader at Photography Festivals in Lodz/Poland and Braga/Portugal; – Curator: Final Work Exhibition of Tampere School of Art and Media; – Backlight 2008 Project Manager: exhibitions, workshops and seminars in five European countries; – Curator: Final Work Exhibition of Tampere School of Art and Media; – Portfolio Reader at TransPhotographiques, Lille/France; – Jury Member Festival Internationale di Roma-2007; Baume&Mercier Award 2007; – FOL – European Festival of Light Conference; – Oracle XXIV, annual international conference of photo curators in Prague – Young European Photography in Sardinia; Curator of exhibition with two Finnish artists and catalogue-text; – Festival Internationale di Roma2006 – The 20th Century; Curator of exhibition with four Finnish artists and catalogue-text; – Founding conferen .html[/videofile]ce for European Fotofestival Union in Lodz/Poland Project Manager and Curator; Lecture: Aspects of intercultural communication in Backlight project; – Counter Photography – Japans artists today; Exhibition in Museum Centre Vapriikki Tampere with 12 artists; Cooperation with Shoto Museum of Arts / Tokyo and with Japan Foundation; TEACHINGS in Finland 1994 – 2009 2001 to present – University of Tampere: Dep. of Intercultural Communication Studies; Courses on Perception and Identity in Visual Art and Media – Tampere School of Art and Media: Supervisor and Art Critic in post-graduate studies; Lectures on European Media History; Backlight related workshops, supervision and productions 1994 to present – University of Art and Design, Taik-Helsinki; Lectures on European Media history; 2003/2004 TEACHINGS in Germany 1984 – 1992 1985–1992 – Fotoforum Bremen; Chief-organizer of the Institutions workshop department; freelancer 1986–1987 BIBLIOGRAPHY 2008 Backlight 2008 catalogue 2006 Festival Internationale di Roma 2006; contribution to the catalogue Menotrentuno Sardinia; contribution to the catalogue 2005 Backlight2005 catalogue 2002 Backlight2002 catalogue 1984 Resistance and Persecution in National Socialism in Bremen 1933–1945; Image-text documentation in the Federal States Archive research project.