Susanna Hesselberg

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Susanna Hesselberg, born 1967 in Uppsala of a Norwegian father and a Swedish mother, lives and works in Malmo, Sweden. Her mother is also related with the great Cassel?s family of Sweden.

Susanna Hesselberg: I started as a painter and worked in a very non conceptual tradition in my first years at art academy. Then I had to buy myself a camera to make documentations of my work (slides, this was loooong time ago) and while looking at cameras I immediately fell in love with a classic Hasselblad 500c. So I bought it and just stared at it in admiration at first but since I was in this very inspired environment with people working with video and photo around me it didn’t take long until I had a stream of photo ideas in my head. Very easy actually i just had to do them like I saw them in my head. And for me being a painter working hard trying to let my controlling mind go (only then the paintings turned out good) it was such a sensation being able to work more conceptual and with fixed images. I still paint, love that to but not for exhibitions.