Binh Danh*

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Binh Danh (born 9 October 1977) is a Vietnamese-born photographer and artist. He immigrated with his parents to the United States in 1979.
Danh was educated at San Jose State University and in 2002, studied Asian American studies and achieved a Bachelor of Fine Arts in photography. At the age of 25, Danh was one of the youngest artists to be invited into Stanford University’s Master of Fine Arts program. He accepted this invitation and at Stanford, he studied the subject of studio art for his Master of Fine Arts.
Danh’s art focuses predominately on the Vietnam War era and he has been quoted as saying that a lot of his work is involved with the theme of death Danh has also said that the photographs he uses “bring up and start to fabricate memories” of his life in Vietnam. His images were described as being able to “summon up revulsion over present violent conflicts in the world without direct topical reference” and a critic said that his images of war scenes “evoked wars past and present with an unforced economy almost unparalleled in political art.