Garry Owens

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After leaving school, photographer Garry Owens worked as a tree surgeon before deciding to turn his hand to photography. Born and bred in the UK, Owens went on to study photography at Blackpool and Fylde College in Lancashire, the UK, before assisting for the likes of photographers Ray Massey and Max Forsythe.
For the past 21 years, he has worked as a commercial advertising photographer primarily shooting cars, people and landscapes, throughout the UK, Europe, the US and Australia. Apart from a successful career in the commercial sector, Owens is currently working on several personal projects. He recently shot the latest instalment for his personal series titled ‘Masks’, here in Sydney.
His unique style is attributed to experimenting with colour treatments and lighting shades and he frequently uses artificial lighting on shoot location. Other personal projects that Owens is currently working on include the ‘Sun City Arizona’ series (pictured white shots), featuring landscapes and portraits, along with a series of portraits based on Mexican wrestlers.
His work will be exhibited at the Hilary Bradford Gallery in Milan, Italy, later this year.