Marta Soul

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I was born in Madrid, were I grew up. One day I had to face a tough decision: my life profession. People asked me to decide myself, so I run a kind of draw. I made a list with several choices: nursing, fashion design, handcrafter, old Greek, writer, etc. I closed my eyes and randomly dropped my finger on the sheet and guess what I pointed at… photographer! I never had to think about it again. In turn, I started to think about social roles, emotions, physical appearance, and to re-think many life decisions of people!

In my artwork, I produce visual reflections on the interaction between cultural topics like aesthetics of the self (appearances), emotions (and their relation with values) and behaviour (patterns of interaction). Photography has allowed me to construct images raising questions about current stereotypes on issues like immigration, consumerism, or romantic love. My pictures often include characters portrayed on backgrounds with a particular social narrative. I play with the appearance of these characters (for instance, the aesthetics of a successful life) to reflect upon issues like the achievement of wills or the expression of unsatisfied desires in the consumerist society.My pictures are often produced through a complex process, since I require the involvement of a number of specialists: actors, assistants, stylists, etc. A shooting session usually involves spending many hours in production before and after the actual shooting. For instance, searching for locations and characters is a long and ever changing process. In fact, I usually keep record of the process by video capturing all situations in relation with my work. My relationship with all these people is essential to the final result.

Photographer Marta Soul also founding member of the contemporary collective nophoto has a nice series of images titled Estetica Domestica in which she focuses on ordinary domestic objects and shows them in an imaginary formal context to make them seem more sophisticated.

Marta Soul

Estetica Domestica…