Christopher Lyons Bruno

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My color photographs are natural, using available light. Each print is balanced for color and density; and burning and dodging is added as needed. I work alone during the creative process as well as the printing process and it is these processes that make each print an original. I achieve a painterly quality by hand-painting and distressing various backgrounds and objects. No digital or mechanical enhancements have been made to either the print or negative. I use a 4×5 view camera, as well as, a 6×7 Pentax Asahi.

More recently, I have begun to use photography as the foundation of 2-D Mixed Media. I distort, distress and rip apart the images. They are then reassembled and collaged onto canvas or wood. I incorporate acrylics, chalk, graphite and narrative to bring the final piece together.

Some pieces tell a story, some leave it up to the imagination of the person viewing them. It is an ever evolving and exciting process. With every piece I complete, I learn something else about my art and myself. There is no telling where or how far this medium will take me. I am enjoying the ride though.

Color photographs are available in either 16 x 20 or 24 x 28.

2-D Mixed Media work is 20 x 24.

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