Tehran Remixed Amirali Ghasemi

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Amirali Ghasemi (1980, Iran) is a graphic designer, media artist and curator. He graduated in 2004 with a BA in graphic design from Central Tehran Azad University, with an emphasis on research into digital art history. In 1998 Ghasemi founded Parkingallery, an independent project space in Tehran, and in 2002 he set up Parkingallery.com, a virtual gallery, as an online platform for young Iranian artists. Amirali has shown his photography/videos/design works in various festivals and exhibitions internationally. He has directed many exhibitions/workshops/talks for Parkingallery projects and other institutions as a curator. Ghasemi is currently working with photography, video, installation and interactive projects, beside writing about the Tehran arts scene and Iranian contemporary art on his blog. IRAN&CO is his latest curatorial project, an ongoing exhibition and archive of Iranian art representation beyond its border. His work was featured in a number of publication such as Aperture magazine and the book Iranian Photography Now, edited by Rose Issa, published in 2008.

In the series Tehran Remixed Amirali Ghasemi shows young urban Iranians socializing, their faces and other areas of exposed skin blanked out to protect their identities. The social activities depicted seem as though they could be happening in any city around the world. Yet the fact that the identities of the participants in these seemingly ordinary acts must be so starkly concealed underscores how specific the situation is to Iran.