Clément Briend*

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Clement Briend lives and works in Paris, teachs photography at the University of Valenciennes, founder of the Politics Illuminations Group.

He completed his course of study at the Ecole Louis Lumiere in 2008 ansd, excellent technician, accomplished works that have allowed him to develop his personal projects. He works with ways of projection in very unusual modalities that propose another interpretation, another perception of pictures in space. Using homemade prototypes able to project huge scalled pictures, he makes appear imaginary side of space. By this way, he creates hybrides spaces and take pictures of them. His photographies matches reality and projection, space and surface. Then, they arn’t flat representation of things but a moror of our mind which is projected in his pictures.His work is an exploration of projected pictures in both artistic and politics ways. In 2011, he creates the Politics Illuminations Group who use projection as a free and creative expression allow to show invisible realities of our world.