Alejandro Maestre

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Born in Murcia (Spain) in 1979, Alejandro Maestre Gasteazi is a photographer currently devoted to photographic creation, teaching and research of new digital post-production techniques. He studied photography at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (CITM), where he worked as a teacher of enlightenment scholarship. He has taught for more than 10 years in various schools of Barcelona (IDEP, CEV, GrisArt, Training CREA) and vocational training centers (Center for Advanced Technologies Zaragoza, CTA) and civic centers (Can Baste, Pati Llimona , etc).

In 2003 he founded and directed CitizenPixel, a company specializing in producing advertising images doing work for big brands like Audi, Burberry, Mayoral, Cosmic Industries … in collaboration with leading advertising agencies.
One of his latest works is the “Portrait of Julian” (Julian Canovas-Yanez): a photographic series that aims to show an artist struggling to know himself and be transformed into a shape or better.
“Julian is a good friend who I deeply respect; he is a multidisciplinary and complete artist. He is, at the same time, film director, sculptor, painter, photographer and writer. He suggested time ago the idea of doing a portrait of him that could describe his capacity of creating and his constant search to understand his body and spirit. All these made me think about his work and helped me to develop the idea of this work.
Therefore, with this photograph series I intend to show an artist fighting to get to know and shape himself and turn into a better human being.”