Mike Mitchell* – Lumni-Gnosis (2005-2008)

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These photographs have evolved from a life-changing mystical experience I had in 1969. Since then I’ve learned a great deal ABOUT light, but I’ve learned even more FROM it. I sense that light is what I call “alma-genic” (alma being the Spanish word for soul.) When we listen to light, it will grow the soul the way it grows a plant. Something is encoded in it that will speak to each of us in our own individual language. But what a mystery that is!

These images represent an exploration of that mystery. Consider something about photography. We all believe that photography freezes time. Photography ACTUALLY freezes LIGHT! It’s the only technology the human race has ever invented that CAN freeze light. Think about that! Light is the fastest thing in our physical realm, 186,000 miles per second faster than anything else. When a photograph “freezes” it, what’s really going on? Photography is converting light into matter.