Michael Courvoisier*

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I am a Brooklyn based fine art photographer. Born in Illinois in 1982, my interest in photography started at an early age documenting the natural landscape of Southern Illinois, upon developing my pictures I would spend hours in the darkroom making prints. My photographic education took a less traditional path as my need for hands on learning took over. I started working at the Santa Fe Photographic Workshops, where I was able to obtain a great technical background, while being exposed to photography from working professionals. I soon began assisting architectural photographers: lighting vast dining rooms, luxury villas, and remote resorts all over the world. Carrying lots of lighting made me realize that for my personal work I much preferred working with as little equipment as possible. I soon made my way to New York where I established myself as a Master Printer working with many of today’s leading image makers. My personal photography has always been my main passion whether wandering the streets of New York City, small villages in Mexico or anywhere else my camera might take me. I find myself constantly intensely examining my surroundings, keeping a look out for my next composition. If you are interested in purchasing collectors prints please email me at michael@michaelcourvoisier.com for more details. I am also available for photography assignments all over the world. Please contact me with any inquiries.